Sylvia Locklear

I attended UNC Pembroke and earned a BS in Elementary Education grades 4-9. I taught Middle School for twelve years. I furthered my education at UNC Pembroke and earned my Masters in Education after teaching for six years. I continued to work with middle school students in the classroom. During my time as a teacher, I saw a need for students to have an outlet. I realized that every child is not blessed to have a perfect home life. Most students possessed great potential that just needed to be nourished and given an opportunity to thrive. I decided that my services would be of more value as a school counselor. I attended Campbell University to acquire this degree. As a School Counselor I acquired National Board Certification and retired in 2007 from the Public Schools of Robeson County.

The opportunity for me to become a CIS Student Support Specialist at Prospect School was timed perfectly. I had worked at the school for the past two years as a substitute teacher and Prime Time Afterschool Director. I was familiar with the students, the teachers, and the job seemed perfect for me to continue to enrich the students’ lives. I had the opportunity to work one on one with students who demonstrated a need in academics, attendance, and behavior. I could also get to know parents and encourage them to take part in the school volunteer program.

Prospect Middle School is located in Maxton, North Carolina. Our school has a total of 967 students, mainly Native American students. We have a high number of students that could be identified as at-risk. I work closely with faculty and staff to identify students who will benefit from the services that my program offers. Some of the services offered are Tutoring, Mentoring, Drug/Alcohol Prevention, Bullying/Violence Prevention, Nutritional Education, BakPak Pals, and our Afterschool Program Why Try Program.  I am very thankful for all that volunteers and faculty members contribute to my program at Prospect School. If you have questions or would be interested in becoming a volunteer at the school, please contact me at 910-521-4766.